Fall/Winter 2021 Holiday Prep

green and brown pine cone wreath

After Halloween, it’s basically Christmas. It feels like everyone has bypassed Thanksgiving and gone directly into Christmas mode. Yesterday I did some food and home shopping and there were a ton of Christmas aisles, except for grocery stores, which had tons of Thanksgiving food. We aren’t planning to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I needed to stock up on baking goods for our pantry and of course I had to buy some Canada Dry ginger ale. After that I went to Target and General Discount, which is basically Dollar General. They are in full on Christmas mode, with only a small section of Thanksgiving themed items. I guess the retailers know that Christmas sells more goods than Thanksgiving and the elves among us like to begin our holiday prep and start Christmas shopping early. 

I bought some cleaning stuff from Target, and at General Discount I bought an artificial 5 foot tree and some multi-color lights that play holiday music, which the hubs didn’t seem to like very much. He said the lights blink too fast, and the music is anxiety inducing. So I need to get some more holiday decorations for the tree. I’ll buy some white lights (that don’t blink or play music) and put the multi-color lights somewhere else, maybe around our door frame or a window. 

It’s interesting that hubs mentioned “anxiety inducing” because the holiday season can be very stressful. Especially when one waits to do things at the last minute. I’m not trying to lose my shit, so I’m making sure to do my holiday prep early so that I can be present, have peace of mind and actually enjoy myself. With that…

Here’s my 2021 Holiday Prep Checklist: 

  1. Set holiday budget 
  2. Plan menus 
  3. Finish shopping for holiday ornaments 
  4. Finish grocery shopping
  5. Deep clean apartment
  6. Buy gifts and wrapping supplies
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