Simple DIY Fall Nail Art

As I mentioned in my most recent blog post, I’ve been stocking up on things for the fall season. One of the standout items from a recent Amazon haul was a set of nail art tools. I enjoy wearing nail designs and sometimes I use nail wraps to spruce up my manicures because I don’t draw very well. But I am starting to experiment with creating free-handed nail designs on myself. I figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to create a simple, minimalist nail designs with things like abstract lines or polka dots.

I started by making a super basic design on the base of my neutral manicure. It turned out kind of cute, so now I think I know what I’m doing when it comes to creating nail designs. Now that I have a set of nail art tools in my arsenal I feel inspired to get more elaborate with the designs. Thinking about trying this simple DIY fall nail art for yourself? Read on to see the steps I took. 

How to Create a Simple DIY Fall Nail Art Design


Double-sided nail design brushes 

Nail polish in various colors

Acetone-based nail polish remover (not pictured)


Paint your nails with your base color. Let dry completely. For the swirl design, dip the thin nail brush into the accent color and apply near the cuticle and drag it out to the end of the nail, swiveling the brush as you go. For the dotted design, dip the dot tool into the accent color and gently apply to the nail in a repeated fashion until you reach the desired effect. 


I applied the nail polish to the nail art tools by brushing the polish on to the tools. It might be more efficient to dip the tools into the polish by putting the polish on a paper plate or some parchment paper or foil. Also, make sure your base manicure is completely dry before designing the nail art to ensure a smooth, smudge free finish. 

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