We’re Getting Married During a Pandemic

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I’m getting married during a pandemic. Get ready for “married life” content from here on out because I’m about to be somebody’s wife! 

I can’t believe lockdown began a year ago today. This pandemic seems to have put everything on hold, and the future is unknown, which influenced Kevin and me to set our wedding date. I’ve been pretty low-key about this exciting news, and at first, we weren’t sure how we were going to pull it off, but we are finally jumping the metaphorical broom after being together for a little more than a decade. We ain’t getting no younger, so we might as well do it. 😬

I thought we were going to have a simple, no-frills courthouse wedding until we found out we could get married virtually. We’ll be exchanging vows from our home on Zoom with a county-appointed officiant, and receiving our marriage license in the mail. No guests or witnesses will be physically present; everything will be virtual.

I’ve never been a woman who dreamed of a huge fairytale wedding, but I never thought I would get married on a computer screen. I like it though because I can focus my resources and energy on the possibilities for our reception and honeymoon. Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel and restrictions will begin lifting in LA soon, so we’ll have a wedding party with our families and friends this summer or fall. I’ll need to be flexible and open-minded due to the constantly changing nature of things, but I’m daydreaming about a small backyard garden party or rooftop gathering. And I want two honeymoons: one near, the other far, to make up for the feeling of lost time from the past year. 

Of course, I’ll be highlighting moments here on the blog and my social media accounts, I hope you’ll check out the updates.

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