Sweatshirt Weather: The Transition from Winter to Spring 2021

sweatshirt weather - winter into spring 2021

Is it spring yet? I know there are extreme winter storms happening throughout most of the country right now but in my neck of the woods, it is pretty mild, 60-70℉ per usual. Sweatshirt weather. But don’t let the sunshine fool you, it gets chilly in LA around this time of year, especially when the Santa Ana winds are breezing

My dress code is super casual now that I’ve been working from home full-time for almost a year. Sometimes I miss getting dressed up, but I’m an athleisure-person at heart and quite enjoy wearing comfortable clothes and going into the world barefaced. I’m literally living in hoodies, sweatshirts, and leggings and letting my skin breathe underneath my mask, which is good for me. 

One of my favorite things to wear is this violet-ish pink sweatshirt and leggings. This is actually my late grandmother’s sweatshirt; the pastel color and vintage wash hint that it might be from the early 80s. Growing up I always loved playing dress-up in her things, raiding her closet for vintage clothes and accessories to pair with whatever is currently in my wardrobe. Wearing her stuff helps me to feel close and connected to her, and this pinkish purple color immediately cheers me up. 

And black leggings have been a longtime staple for most of us, in the before times too, but especially during quarantine. I found a 2 pack of the leather look ones I’m wearing on Amazon, but you can find quality decently-priced black leggings at any store that sells womens’ clothing.  

My white Reebok sneakers are my go-tos for casual moments, I’ve been wearing them with everything. I haven’t worn a pair of shoes that have heels in almost a year; it’s hard to imagine going back to that! 

white sneaker trend

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