Winter Wellness Reset: Hiking the Griffith Park Trails

Griffith Park trails

Outdoor exercise has been my saving grace during this pandemic. The only things people can legally do in LA these days is go to a store or to a park. This past weekend, we went hiking at one of the Griffith Park trails to get some fresh air, connect with nature, and burn off those tacos from El Charro.

Until this weekend I hadn’t been hiking at Griffith Park in years. I trekked one of the east-facing trails for the first time, and it was steep! For people who are afraid of heights it might even be a bit scary, but if you’re in decent shape it’s a really nice experience. 

Griffith Park has over 70 trails, which vary in degree of difficulty. I’ve been inconsistent in the way of fitness lately, struggling with motivation ever since indoor gyms closed last March, and again in July. Instead of getting an outdoor gym membership, hiking and walking at parks are helping me to reset my workout routine this year. My glutes were on fire by the time we reached the peak of the trail, and it was worth it! I was also happy to see that the restrooms were open, because that’s not the case for all of the LA County parks during the coronavirus.

Tips Before You Visit

The only complaints I have about hiking at Griffith Park is that since it is such a popular destination, it tends to get crowded, especially on weekends. Luckily people come and go all the time, so it’s not unbearable, especially if you go early. And while I appreciate seeing and interacting with cute dogs on the trail, far too many folks do not pick up after their pets. If you’re not paying attention it’s easy to accidentally step in a pile of dog poop!

If you’re thinking of going hiking at Griffith Park soon, check out LA Taco’s guide to hiking at Griffith Park. Be safe, wear a mask, and if you’re taking your pup out with you, be sure to clean up after them! 

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