My Favorite Grandma Fashion Trends

Both my grandmas are my style muses. They loved to dress up in their respective heydays, rarely leaving the house without a full outfit, makeup, and perfume. Even casual moments like going to the store or the bank were reasons to be coordinated and put together. In my early twenties, I used to always wear my maternal grandmother’s purses, jewelry, and scarves for nights out, special occasions, and job interviews. And my paternal grandmother always had the best beauty collection while I was growing up — her makeup and perfume counter looked like a department store. Now I’m in my late thirties, my maternal grandmother is no longer here, my paternal grandmother is homebound, but their influence on my style is everlasting. 

These days, to become old is cool. Elderly people have the best style; in the past few years, I’ve noticed a lot of younger people embracing grandma fashion trends, wearing big cozy sweaters, dad sneakers, and dyeing their hair gray, indicating that the stigma around aging might be starting to subside. So much has happened to remind us that life is precious and fleeting, so those of us that get to keep living must do so in style. And style is one of those things that gets better with time, wisdom, and experience. People who have lived longer (hopefully) have more confidence, perspective, and a solid grasp on what works for their personality. If you’ve never seen the documentary Advanced Style, I encourage you to check it out and get inspired. Apparently, old is the new chic! 

Shop my favorite grandma fashion trends!

Evie wool-blend cap • Isabel Marant • $175
Gucci Black Thick Rectangular Sunglasses • Gucci • $380
Fox Fur Stole • The Fur Salon • $795
pre-owned Carre 90 scarf • Hermes • $402
Wool cardigan with GG motif • Gucci • $1,980
ADIDAS Sweatsuit • adidas • $94
Cinch Hooded Rain Resistant Anorak • Soia & Kyo • $325
Medium Loulou Matelasse Leather Shoulder Bag • Saint Laurent • $2,150
Ben-amun 24-karat Gold-plated Bracelet • Ben-Amun • $145
adidas Broma Women’s Sneakers • adidas • $59.99

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