Holiday Shopping 2020: 60 Days Until Christmas

It’s finally starting to get chilly in LA. And Daylight Savings Time is next weekend which means time will fall back one hour. To give us all an extra hour of sleep, or to do whatever we want. I will probably use my extra hour to plan and shop for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The end of year trifecta of holidays. Yes, it’s time for the holiday shopping 2020 season – I’m making my lists and checking them twice. 


I put a poll out on my social media: if it’s one week before Halloween, is it too soon to buy a Christmas tree? 60% of those polled don’t think so, but one respondent gave the caveat that it’s too soon to actually put the tree up. So if I buy the tree at the end of October, it’s not too soon to set it up in early November. I’ve also seen some early Black Friday deals in my inbox this week. Strap in babes, it’s basically Christmas!

I’m a fan of Christmas. It’s a consumerist holiday but I love sparkly lights, hearty meals, giving, and gifting. Speaking of gifting, I was pleasantly surprised when a package from Bath & Body Works arrived on my doorstep earlier this week. Thank you to my boo’s mom for sending me enough candles to last for the rest of the year! Candles are an absolute must-have in my home: I love a good-smelling place. And she picked some really great scents, you can literally smell the notes outside my doorstep. Such a sweetheart, she’s always on my Christmas list! 

I’ll be sure to share the fun things and any creations that come out of holiday shopping 2020 here on the blog, so make sure to come back to the blog for updates. Until next time, thanks for visiting!

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