Make Something Old New: DIY Distressed T-Shirt

I distressed this t-shirt myself

Since I’ve been home all the time, my hobbies have evolved from shopping and going to bars and restaurants to making things like homemade ice cream and the DIY distressed t-shirt featured in this post.

I am an unapologetic shopaholic, but in these trifling times, retail therapy as a habit has waned a whole lot. For one thing, I am working from home, so I don’t need to buy clothes or get dressed every day if I don’t want to. And no, I don’t want to. If I did, thankfully I have enough in my closet to choose from. Also, although some non-essential businesses are open and accessible in LA, it’s not worth risking exposure to the virus for anything unnecessary. 

Make no mistake: I’ve purchased a couple of things during quarantine, but I ain’t got it like that; brands are really out here charging $80 for basic t-shirts with holes in them. And since I’ve got time, and I’m fiscally conservative, instead of jumping to click “buy” on the said t-shirt with holes, I decided to give myself something “new” by upcycling an olive green t-shirt I bought from LOFT several years ago. It’s one of those things that’s been sitting my donation bag forever and I keep retrieving it because I love the color. And whenever I touch it, I still feel sparks of joy. Since I can’t let it go, I can crop and distress it, to give myself a new way to wear it this fall. 

The rest of the stuff in the donation bag can stay there, but I stay vetting anything that can be distressed. I made these cutoffs a few summers ago from an old pair of Levi’s and now they’re a closet staple that I’m never getting rid of (at least as long as I can fit them.)

Distressing t-shirts and jeans are my quarantine hobby

With a pair of scissors and a creative spirit, it is possible to distress jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. to create your own unique style with clothes you already own!

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