Kitchen Beauty: DIY Avocado Mayo Hair Mask Treatment with Sweet Almond Oil

Cardi B. might be the most polarizing female rap artist of this day and time, but hate her or love her, one thing is true: she is a natural beauty. She often showcases herself on social media without makeup, wigs, and extensions and her natural hair is long, thick, and healthy-looking. After she shared her homemade avocado/mayo hair mask on Tik Tok/IG I wasn’t surprised when the post went viral, cause shawty got inches.

Cardi B inspired avocado mayo hair mask
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I’m always down to for a homemade beauty treatment, so here’s my approach to Cardi B.’s avocado mayo hair mask. My treatment differs from hers in that I didn’t use eggs and Jamaican Black Castor Oil with the avocado and mayo, just sweet almond oil, since that’s what I had in my cupboard. I applied this treatment before washing, straightening, and trimming my hair a few weeks ago and it helped to replenish my hair, which tends to shed more often during late summer heatwaves. I also found it to be soothing to my dry, itchy scalp. Thanks for the natural beauty tip, Cardi. 🙂

The avocado was too old to eat, but not to put in my hair 🙂


Avocado — moisturizes hair, repairs damage, soothes scalp inflammation and reduces breakage (source)

Sweet almond oil — softens and strengthens hair, conditions hair and scalp (source)

Mayonnaise — the eggs and oil in mayo add luster and shine, reduces frizz (source)



Sweet almond oil






Plastic cap

My Process

I mixed the ingredients in a bowl until a smooth paste formed, using a whisk to achieve a pudding-like texture. 

Then I put a towel around my neck and separated my dry hair into four sections. I applied the hair mask to each section, coating from root to tip. 

I secured my hair and covered with a plastic cap for about 3 or 4 hours. 

I rinsed thoroughly, then shampooed, conditioned, and styled my hair. 

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