The Simple Life: 6 Summer Break Staycation Ideas

Life is good in general, but burnout was starting to creep up on me. I have been feeling EXHAUSTED lately, so I took some extra PTO to extend my July 4th holiday weekend. I am in my late 30s, but I still feel entitled to a summer break. I usually would have gone on a vacation around this time of year, but this pandemic, these uprisings, and the uncertain economy have made summer break 2020 into a staycation.  

Summer break staycation ideas, because one is never too old for summer vacation.

What am I doing with my time off, since I’m not going away? Not checking work emails, that’s for sure. There are much more important things to do on my staycation. Keep reading for a few of my summer break staycation ideas!

6 Summer Break Staycation Ideas

  1. Update (or revisit!) your music playlists 

When’s the last time you made a music playlist? Or listened to your old ones? Explore creating or adding music to your playlists. You might find a new (to you) favorite jam!

  1. Catch up on reading 

I recently ordered a couple of books from Amazon. Hopefully, I will finish them before the end of the summer. 

  1. Catch up on sleep 

I bought a new set of sheets and plan on getting alllllll the z’s on my staycation. 

  1. Go for a scenic drive 

Take a drive and see where you end up. You never know where the open road will take you. 

  1. Try a new (for you) food

Ever tried jackfruit? What about oat milk? Eat something you’ve never tried before, you might find a new favorite! 

  1. Experiment with a new hairstyle

Try that new hairstyle you’ve been thinking about. Best case scenario, you’ll have a new look for the summer. But if you hate it, you’ll have time during your staycation to fix it before going back to work 😉 

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