Stay Dangerous

83 weeks (1.5 years) ago, I saw this image on a poster at a stoplight on 2nd & Grand across the street from The Broad. Two days later, I noticed someone had ripped it down. Good thing I caught a photo of it before it went away because this message resonates even more since then.

Things have gotten extra crazy in Los Angeles. I knew it was going to be an interesting summer because we’ve been in quarantine for almost three months. And then BOOM: George Floyd’s unfortunate murder kicked off an entire revolution. A significant part of which is happening within two miles of my apartment in DTLA. 

stay dangerous, friends.

Everyone is justifiably upset and frustrated. Lives are lost, businesses are destroyed, and President Trump is threatening war on U.S. citizens. All because civilians are protesting the unjust murder of a black man. To me, the root of all of this conflict is fear. Fear of blackness, fear of change, and a deep-seated need to “return to normal.” Unfortunately, things are not going back to normal. If “normal” means continuing to live within a system of white supremacy, I want no parts of “normal.” 

Sometimes I feel afraid. But I’m ready for whatever. There’s a saying in my hometown of Compton, CA: “stay dangerous.” In spite of fear, conflict, and confusion, you have to push forward. Amazing opportunities available to us on the other side of fear. There is an entire system in place designed to oppress black people, and to collectively thrive in spite of those obstacles is the most revolutionary thing we can do.

People are not going to take bullshit forever, which is why the spirit of the uprising has expanded to London, Berlin, Tokyo, shit even the Amish are stepping up to show support for the movement. If the Amish are showcasing the spirit of the revolution, you know it’s time to leave behind outdated ideologies and charge forward into the new normal. Although I am not personally out protesting in the streets, I fully agree with those who are brave enough to punch white supremacy in its face. I do not judge the way people dismantle the system. We each have a role to play in making the world more hospitable to each other. However that is accomplished, it is what it is.

At this point, if Black people are not safe, then nobody is safe. White supremacy is a culture of bitchassness that focuses its attacks on women (Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, etc), children (Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, etc), and black men in handcuffs (George Floyd, Eric Garner, etc.) A lot of folks, even some black people, continue to feed the white supremacy monster because of perceived socio-economic benefits. Well, what if those benefits go away? What if there’s nothing left to benefit from? Buildings and clothes can be replaced. Our lives cannot.

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