Comfort Food: What I’m Eating During the Pandemic

comfort eating during the pandemic

We’re going into our third week of “social distancing.” I originally set out to write this post about eating healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, but in reality, it’s been really difficult to eat “right.” It’s survival of the fittest out here — what’s left at the store? What hasn’t been bought out? Ugh. This whole thing is so depressing. Am I even really going to eat healthily? Can we just order something from GrubHub? Let’s hit a drive-thru! 

Some days are filled with at-home workouts, fresh fruit, liters of water, and salads; others consist of pizza, wine, and Flaming Hot Cheetos. I would be remiss if I sat here and pretended to be clean eating when in reality I’m eating my feelings to cope with my feelings of uncertainty during this time of crisis. 

Saying all that to say: do the best you can during these times. Let’s continue to try to eat well and exercise as much as possible. But if we don’t, it’s okay. This isn’t the time to pressure ourselves too much. Life is precious, and sometimes self-care means eating some fucking cookies and enjoying them. We just have to balance it out by knowing when enough is enough.

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