Spring Break Idea for Couples: Palm Springs, California

Palm Canyon in Palm Springs, CA is a perfect spring break idea for couples

Featured image credit: Photo © Jenna Blough.

This is my Palm Springs vision post because I want to go to Palm Springs hella bad. I don’t know why the urge has come up so suddenly. I think part of the feeling is that I feel entitled to a spring break because I’ve been working my fucking ass off lately. Maybe by virtue of this post, I will manifest my next vacation.

Palm Springs is the perfect spring break idea for adults who don’t have children. It’s an amazing travel destination for families too — I’ve been before with my sister and her son before she had my niece — but I don’t have kids, so my next trip will be adults only. Which means I will turn up. Until about 10 pm, when I will go to bed. I, like most people, get the best sleep on vacation. Blackout hotel curtains are a godsend. 

My favorite things about Palm Springs are the landscape, the weather, and the shopping. It’s one of those places where you can do everything, or nothing at all if that’s what you choose. There’s nature stuff, middle-America stuff, and posh stuff. I like to go out for dinner and drinks and relax by the pool in my hotel. (Note: in some cities and neighborhoods I favor booking hotels over Airbnbs. Quite often, the cost isn’t that different.) 

The drive to and from L.A. to Palm Springs is a nice road trip. Desert landscapes are so beautiful and inspiring to me. The climate can be dry, but I find it to be rejuvenating. Deserts are such desolate environments, I believe that you discover parts of yourself that weren’t there before in that emptiness. 

So tell me: what is on your spring break wishlist? What is your next travel destination? How will you manifest your next vacation? 

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