This Homemade Coffee Scrub Will Make Your Skin Glow from Head to Toe

This coffee scrub is great for the face and body

Gotta love a beauty treatment that looks like straight-up soil. It reminds me that the pursuit of beauty is often a dirty, messy thing. This coffee scrub may look like plant food, but it’s seriously one of the best exfoliators I’ve ever used. I haven’t used a coffee scrub in a really long time (I’ve been doing mostly salt scrubs lately) but yesterday morning, after brewing my morning coffee, instead of tossing the used grounds in the trash, I decided to hang on to them to make a homemade coffee scrub. And I’m glad I did because after I used it my skin was more supple and smoother than it’s been in a minute. 

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and influencers touting pricey coffee scrubs in beautiful packaging. The homemade scrub I’m sharing with you here is just as effective as anything you would buy in a store, and it smells so good. I used this exfoliator from head to toe and when I stepped out of the shower not only was my skin on fleek, my bathroom smelled like Starbucks. How’s that for a home spa experience? If you’re into the idea of making something that will give you better skin and help you save money, keep reading. 

Note: if you have sensitive skin, I highly encourage you to spot test this scrub on a small area of your skin before fully applying it. If you experience any adverse reactions, stop right there and do not go further. For specific issues or questions consult a dermatologist. 

Sweet Almond Oil Coffee Scrub

Coffee grounds and sweet almond oil make for an amazing full body exfoliator

Coffee benefits

The caffeine from coffee increases circulation and invigorates and energizes the skin. The grounds exfoliate to help remove dead skin to open pores. (source)

Sweet almond oil benefits 

Rich in Vitamin E, sweet almond oil is full of anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties (source


1/2 cup used coffee grounds

1 tbsp sweet almond oil


Small bowl

Mixing spoon 


Mix the sweet almond oil into the coffee grounds in a bowl. Apply the exfoliator to your skin in a circular motion. It is suggested to apply this scrub inside the shower or bath for easier cleanup. Rinse well, pat the skin dry, and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.  Store any leftovers (which should last about a week) in an airtight container. Use up to twice per week. 

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