Local Eats Roundup: My Favorite Places to Eat in Los Angeles

my favorite places to eat in los angeles

Since it’s the end of the year and decade, I thought it would be nice to do a recap of my favorite places to eat in Los Angeles, to date. Food is such a big part of our everyday lives, and the culinary scene in LA is so exciting and dynamic, that I feel inspired to follow that journey here on my blog. Living in such a rapidly changing city means there will always be new food places to try and I want to document it all in the 20s and beyond, via my local eats series.

Local Eats: Divine Dips Ice Creme (DTLA)

divine dips dtla ice creme review

We couldn’t get over how smooth, creamy, and delicious the vegan ice cream was. I don’t know how she gets it so good without animal milk. Diane also makes sundaes, cookies, and brownies at Divine Dips.

Local Eats: Mateo’s Ice Cream and Fruit Bars (Mid-City)

Mateo's Ice Cream and Fruit Bars

Mateo’s has ice cream and paletas (fresh fruit bars) in every flavor imaginable, like tequila and smoked milk. Beyond that, they serve smoothies, fruit bowls, and sandwiches. It’s the kind of place you go to satisfy a hangover or sugar craving, with ingredients indigenous to Mexico and Central America. If you’re into local food, there are three locations in LA: Mid-City, Downtown LA, and Culver City. 

Local Eats: Best Birthday Brunch Restaurants in Los Angeles

birthday brunch restaurants los angeles

As an LA native, I’ve eaten brunch at quite a few restaurants in this city. I’m actually a big fan of eating brunch at diners, but for special moments like birthdays, there are a few places I really like.

Local Eats: JR’s Barbeque Los Angeles

best southern bbq in los angeles

Everyone living in LA has a strong opinion on which restaurant has the best southern BBQ in Los Angeles. JR’s BBQ in Culver City is one of the places I go to on a repeat basis for Memphis-style barbecue. Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Tennessee, so I can’t compare JR’s to the real thing. 

Local Eats: Tenno Sushi (Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles)

best cheap sushi in los angeles

One of the best places to get cheap, delicious sushi in Los Angeles is at one of my favorite places: Tenno Sushi, in Downtown Los Angeles. Tenno offers a full Japanese menu, including beer, wine, and dessert.

Local Eats: Burgerim Los Angeles (Hollywood)

local eats

I kicked off the local eats series by showcasing my visit to Burgerim, an Israeli-based restaurant chain offering gourmet mini burgers in Los Angeles. Burgers are a dime a dozen in this town (so are sliders, for that matter) but Burgerim’s lamb burger is worth trying. 

Catch all the posts in the local eats series.

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