5 Rainy Day Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Yesterday was the first day of winter, and as if right on time, today it started raining. According to the forecast, it will continue to rain through the day after Christmas. The tiniest appearance of water in the air makes my hair frizzy, so when rain is in the forecast I try to minimize dealing with my naturally curly hair. I know a lot of people do that by wearing wigs, weaves, relaxing or straightening their hair, but that’s just not my thing. I like to keep things low heat/ low maintenance.

These rainy day hairstyles for natural hair are low maintenance enough to be worn as-is, or you can jazz them up with clips, clamps, clasps, pins, or colors. The most important thing is to avoid letting the rain ruin your style!

5 rainy day hairstyles for natural hair

Box braids

Whether you DIY it or tap into the talents of a fabulous stylist, a set of box braids is the best rainy day hairstyle for natural hair. 

Havana twists

Havana twists are the cutest, I seriously can’t decide between them and box braids.

High or low bun

cornrow bun protective hairstyle

Admittedly the bun is my all-weather lazy/busy hairstyle. May it live on.

High or low ponytail 

Whether high or low, ponytails are always chic and polished. 


When my hair simply won’t comply, a hat does the trick. It’s also a fun way to add interest to my outfit. 

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