Fall Home Decor on a Budget: 8 Things I Bought at Ross This Weekend for $50

fall home decor on a budget-reciept

Getting settled into a new place comes with a fun fringe benefit: decorating! I love shopping for my home, especially when I find the best price for what I need. I had some stuff in my Amazon cart, but I felt like getting out of the house and I came tf up! 

I went to Ross this weekend to buy some kitchen and bathroom essentials and legit bought 8 things for $50! Actually $56.30 with tax, but you know what I’m saying. These finds were too good, so I thought I’d share them here on the blog. 

Keep reading to see some fantastic fall home decor finds! 

Extra-large cutting board 

My old cutting board needed to be replaced, and I found an extra-large one at Ross cheaper than Amazon!

fall home decor on a budget-xl-cutting-board

Glass measuring cup

These can last in your kitchen forever, or until you need to buy it again to replace the one you broke. (What can I say…sometimes I’m clumsy.)

fall home decor on a budget-measuring-cup

Stainless steel utensil holder

I could have bought a plain white utensil holder, but rose gold is way more fun. The kitchen theme might be rose gold…

fall home decor on a budget-utensil-holder

Paper towel holder

Yea, rose gold it is. When I found this paper towel holder, I had to grab it to match the utensil holder. 

fall home decor on a budget-paper-towel-stand

Silicone sink caddy

My Virgo sun and moon not only likes to have organized countertops, she also likes to have an organized kitchen sink. 

fall home decor on a budget-sink-caddy

Small trashcan 

The bathroom is going to be grey and white, so this little trash can with a pop of silver fits into my overall bathroom decor theme. 

fall home decor on a budget-sm-trashcan

Microfiber bath mat 

This bath mat is soft and plush, and I love the way the grey contrasts against the dark brown flooring. 

fall home decor on a budget-bath-mat

White mesh basket

To keep the bathroom counter from looking like a hot mess, I’m gonna throw everything in a basket to keep things streamlined. 

fall home decor on a budget-mesh-basket
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