Local Eats: Divine Dips Ice Creme (DTLA) [Closed]

divine dips dtla ice creme review

Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts. And my boo thang knows what I like because a few weeks ago, after dinner and drinks at Cole’s French Dip, he took me to a place called Divine Dips Ice Creme in DTLA and made me fall in love again.  

It was our first visit, and the owner, Diane, was super cool. She let us sample as many flavors as we wanted. I indulged that offer, trying not to overtake advantage. He and I each ended up ordering a double. I, a scoop of Maple Cardamom and Toasted Coconut. Him, NY Cheesecake and Dulce de Leche. O.M.G. So good!

We couldn’t get over how smooth, creamy, and delicious the vegan ice cream was. I don’t know how she gets it so good without animal milk. Diane also makes sundaes, cookies, and brownies at Divine Dips. I am so lucky that her restaurant is walking distance from my apartment – I can’t wait to go again for the Mexican Hot Chocolate and Apple Pie flavors.

I hope Divine Dips Ice Creme stays open forever. That it becomes a national brand, available for purchase everywhere ice cream is sold. Not only do they sell delicious vegan ice cream, but it’s also a Black-owned, woman-owned business that deserves to thrive. Plus, the future is going to be more plant-based. And the people are going to need ice cream! 

When I looked up Divine Dips online, I saw that there are Indiegogo and GoFundMe pages asking for donations to keep the place open. This sucks because LA is an expensive place to live, even more so to own and operate a business. I’ve seen so many amazing eateries close doors over the years, but with the support of the local community, some have been able to rebound. So I hope Divine Dips Ice Creme will persevere!

Divine Dips Ice Creme is located at 601 S. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014. Open Tuesdays–Saturdays from 2 pm–8 pm. 

December 28, 2020 Update: unfortunately Divine Dips closed in February 2020 🙁

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