How I Manifested a Move to My Dream Apartment

how i manifested a move - this is the interior of the apartment

This month, I moved into my dream place. 

I’ve been wanting to move out of Koreatown for more than three years. Pretty much ever since my boyfriend moved into my studio apartment with me. The two of us in that tiny living space was just too cramped. The Koreatown apartment was my first place. After more than ten years I had outgrown the living situation and was ready to move on. 

But we didn’t think we could afford it. In LA, rent costs at least $1,800 per month for a small one-bedroom in a somewhat cool neighborhood, which may or may not include a parking space. We encountered a few low-priced gems during our search, but they were few and far in between. And we were passed over in the tenant selection process for those “affordable” places. As with everything in this town, the competition is extremely stiff.

One day, when we decided to go outside of our comfort zone and apply for a loft apartment. The rent was slightly higher than we wanted to pay, and we weren’t really thinking of living where it’s located (Downtown LA). But the place was perfect. Amazingly, we were quickly approved and the next thing we knew, we were moving in. 

How is it that after being stuck in neutral for three years, that we were able to manifest our move in less than a month?

Here is how I manifested a move to my dream place 

I wrote down my goals 

Define your needs. In order to manifest what you want, you have to be clear on what exactly that is. And when you do, write it down with clear deadlines. Give yourself a time frame in which to manifest. 

I kept faith in my goals 

I didn’t manifest my new place according to my initial deadline. Or the second deadline, either. I thought I had found my dream apartment two or three times, and things fell through for whatever reason. I didn’t let that stop me from continuing to look for and apply to other places. 

I persevered despite my frustrations

We had to keep looking for a place, despite hearing “we went with another tenant” over and over. Rejection is disappointing, especially when you are trying to manifest according to your personal timeline. We had to power through

I used my frustration to fuel action toward my goal 

Dissatisfaction is a great motivator. It can help you think out of the box. For us, that meant looking at different neighborhoods and at lofts instead of traditional multi-family apartments and duplexes, which is what we were originally looking for.

I saved money

Our rent went up, so brunches, lunches, Grubhub orders and happy hours 3x per week = canceled. Rent and bills over everything. We didn’t think we could afford a loft, but it turns out we could if we prioritize our spending. 

I don’t make crazy bank, but I was able to manifest a move into a loft apartment by working my ass off, saving, and staying focused on my goals.

If I could share any advice from my experience it would be: know what you want, and take action to get there. Don’t give up, and don’t settle! Staying consistent and persistent puts you where you want to be.

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