Mexican Fruit Cups are the Most Refreshing Summer Snack

On a blazing, mid-summer day, when the sun radiates heat off buildings and concrete, there is nothing more refreshing than Mexican fruit cups. Actually, there is – mango paletas are amazing when it’s hot – but when I’m trying to eat mindfully, street cart fruit hits all of my taste buds – sweet, tangy, spicy, and salty.

I am lucky that there are at least two fruit carts near my office building on any given day. Most of the time I can find one pretty easily. Other times they are harder to find if street parking is restricted.

Recently, in the midst of a creative slump and a nagging Flaming Hot Cheeto craving, I decided to brave the heat and feed my need for spicy by taking an afternoon break and walking to the nearest fruit cart for a watermelon, mango, and pineapple fruit cup, topped with fresh lime juice, chamoy sauce, and tajin.

I’ve tried DIY’ing Mexican fruit cups in the past, but there’s nothing like the fruit in a cup or plastic bag from an actual street cart. My favorite local Mexican smoothie shop even sells fruit cups, and I don’t bother buying them there because the fruit is pre-cut. It just doesn’t offer the same zeal; the major appeal of street fruit carts is that they chop your fruit to order. And you can still have the Hot Cheetos because the fruit cart vendor sells those too.

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