DIY Deva Cut: How I Trim My Naturally Curly Hair at Home

diy deva cut

It takes a lot of confidence to cut your own hair. As a kitchen beautician, I’m pretty comfortable with it.

I’ve been trimming my own hair for more than five years. I got my first of two Deva Cuts in 2011 (the second and last time was in 2013) and both times, I left the salon unhappy. I liked the dry curly cut technique the stylists use, but I hated their styling philosophy. I’m not a curly hair person who can wash and go, I have hair that needs to be stretched with braid outs or twist outs. It seemed like the Deva styling technique is best suited for wash and go hair types, so it wasn’t for me.

For Deva cuts to cost $150+ and me to be unhappy with results, I decided to take a pass at doing it myself. Good thing I paid close attention to how the stylists went through my hair, clump by clump, snipping only the very ends of the strands that needed it.  

Here are some tips for cutting natural hair at home (DIY Deva Cut)

Work in sections

When trimming my hair, I divide it into four main sections. I further divide into smaller sections and run my fingers down the length of my strands, pausing where it begins to feel rough. I trim off the very ends,  beginning where its split and see-through, usually no more than half an inch. If my ends are especially bad, I’ll go through my hair and repeat where needed.

Cut on dry hair

Naturally curly hair needs to be stretched as much as possible to achieve the cleanest cut. I’ve done trims with my hair in twists and a blown out state. I prefer to trim my hair blown out;  I find it easier to see the shape of my hair as I cut.

Cut little by little

Earlier I mentioned I trim my hair in small sections. When I’m cutting, I begin by only trimming the very ends, to make sure I don’t accidentally cut too much. If I feel like I need to cut more after the first pass, I am very careful. Last year I cut three inches of my hair due to a bout of scraggly ends from heat damage; luckily I don’t have to cut as much anymore, and it is growing back!

Do you have naturally curly hair? How do you feel about trimming and cutting your own hair?

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