Super Simple DIY Nail Art

diy nail art

I love giving myself manicures at home. Besides making homemade hair and skin masks, DIY nail art is one of my favorite ways to pamper and express myself.

You might be wondering: why not just go to a nail salon? Well, costs aside, many nail shops in LA have horrible customer service. At least that’s been my experience, in Mid-City Los Angeles. To get totally political, I just can’t support businesses that are openly hostile to black women. Every nail salon isn’t like that (in fact, there’s a place in Gardena I love going to), but there are enough bad ones out here for me to do my own damn nails until I can get to the South Bay for an appointment.

Back to the topic at hand (pun intended): over the past couple of months I’ve begun experimenting with nail stickers, which are clutch for people like me, who lack drawing and painting skills. My nail design skills aren’t even basic, so I’ve been exploring pre-created designs on Amazon, Etsy, Sally Beauty, and Ulta.

There are endless styles and prints to choose from, and the best part about using nail stickers: zero dry time. Whether I go to a salon or do them myself, I always smudge my manicure before my nails fully dry. In one blog post, a woman even applied her nail stickers at work, which has me thinking, if I’m ever crunched for time, I could put them on during my lunch hour. It shouldn’t take more time than it did when I used to go to the nail salon…

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