A Winter Natural Hair Routine for Lazy People

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During the winter season, it’s all about moisture, moisture, moisture for my curls. Keeping my natural hair moisturized is important throughout the year, but in the winter it is extremely important. In Southern California temperatures fluctuate a lot. It can be hot one day, and chilly the next. It’s also very dry here in the winter causing dry, itchy scalp and brittle ends. Having natural hair for ten years, I’ve got a pretty solid winter natural hair routine to keep my hair thriving during this time of year. Read on if you’re interested…

My Winter Natural Hair Care Routine

Cleanse weekly

On Sundays I cleanse my hair with a mild shampoo and deep condition with whatever I have in my beauty cabinet at the moment. My favorite deep conditioners are Shea Moisture Argan Oil Deep Conditioner and Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Deep Conditioner. If I’m experiencing excessive dryness or more shedding than usual on wash day, I’ll apply one of my DIY hair masks before shampooing.


Water, water, water. If my hair needs refreshing between shampoos I’ll water-wash or co-wash it to detangle and moisturize. During the winter, I use thicker oils and styling products. When styling, I apply a little extra hair cream in places I feel I need it. I know if my hair needs moisture based on how it feels when I touch it. If my ends are dry and brittle, I know I need to step up the moisture, or possibly a trim.

Little to No Heat Styling

It’s tempting to straighten my hair in the winter, but I’m still trying to avoid heat damage. So, I’m refraining from heat tools, in the same manner as my summer natural hair routine. After washing, I put my hair in 4 braids and cover my head with a scarf. It takes my hair 6-8 hours to completely air dry. If my hair isn’t fully dry when I need it to be, I blast it with my handheld blow dryer. I don’t really worry about heat damage since I don’t use the dryer that much.

Protective Hairstyles

Braid-outs are my default hairstyle on wash day. If the braids are neat, I’ll wear them intact with a low bun for a few days, and then wear my hair out. Otherwise I’ll wear a bun or updo. Besides that, ponytails, DIY box braids, and twists are a great protective hairstyles.

Keep up with Trims

Whether you go to a professional stylist, or trim your own hair, it’s important to trim split ends on a regular basis. I fall into the DIY category, I set an alert in my Google Calendar to remind me every eight weeks to trim my hair.

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