7 Fall Things to Do in Los Angeles

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I’m happy it’s the end of summer because my birthday lands about a week before fall begins, and autumn is going to be lit for me. I’ll be attending a couple of concerts in September and traveling to NYC in October to attend a digital marketing conference. I haven’t been outside the Pacific Time Zone in a few years, so I’m thankful and excited to go to the east coast.

Before I do all that though, I’m ready to kick off the fall spirit in my hometown. Because once November comes it’s gonna be all about turkey and Santa. The weather should be good out here through Halloween, so here are some fall things to do in Los Angeles:

Go to Celebrate LA! On Sunday, September 30th
This event is going to be huge. The Los Angeles Philharmonic is celebrating its 100th anniversary by presenting a free, eight-mile street party connecting Walt Disney Concert Hall to the Hollywood Bowl in partnership with Ciclavia. The event culminates with and a free concert at Hollywood Bowl featuring special celebrity guests.

See a Football Game
I’ve never been to an NFL football game in my life, but now that we have two teams in LA, I have reason to go. I know everyone isn’t into NFL though; high school and college football games are equally as fun (especially if your alma mater has a great record).

Start Wearing Fall Colors
I’ve been ready for fall fashion since mid-July. I’m practically living in my olive green Zara kimono and all black everything.

See a Baseball Game Before the Season Ends in October
Apparently, baseball season lasts for a really long time, and it’s not too late to take in a game. Perfect reason to take a mental health day off work!

Go Wine Tasting
Wine tasting counts as self-care in my world, thus requiring another mental health day. Put in that PTO and live your best life! Want to stay overnight? Go here for ideas on where to stay near LA.

Eat an Artisan Donut
There are nuggets of truth to the health-conscious-LA stereotype, but donuts are a real thing here in LA. I recently tried Donut Friend at a private event and swiftly fell in love with their crumb donuts. Clean eating be damned!

Exercise Outdoors
I told you that health-consciousness is real out here. That means getting off one’s ass and working off the wine and donuts! Whether that’s hiking, jogging on the beach or on the streets, the best and cheapest form of exercise is to lace up a pair of workout shoes and exercise outside.

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