A Summer Natural Hair Regimen for Lazy People

summer natural hair regimen

When the season changes, so should our natural hair care routine. It makes no sense to be using blow dryers and flat irons this time of year – why apply heat when my hair will be exposed to the sun throughout the day? During my commute. On my lunch hour. At the farmer’s market on Sunday, or at a music festival. With all that going on who has time to straighten her hair anyway? Keeping my natural hair moisturized in the summer is extremely important. Whether it’s blazing hot and/or cloudy, overcast, and humid, long summer days can cause my curls to frizz, fall flat, and/or dry out. I’ve been through enough bad hair days to know what works, and I’ve got a pretty solid summer natural hair regimen to draw from this time of year. Read on if you’re interested…

My Summer Natural Hair Regimen

Cleanse weekly

Clarifying shampoo (one wash), deep condition, and/or any necessary DIY hair masks. Water-wash or co-wash between shampoos to refresh and moisturize.

summer natural hair regimen


Water, water, water. Refresh hair once or twice between wash days. Spritz hair with a spray bottle filled with water before daily styling. Apply a little water whenever you feel you need it. Use lighter oils and products. You’ll know if something is too heavy for your hair in the summer based on how thick the product is, and if it weighs your hair down.

Heat Protection

Avoid heat tools if possible. After washing, I prefer to air dry my hair in 3-4 braids. Nature is my hair dryer. There’s nothing like riding in the car with the windows down to swiftly dry your hair. I try to use products with ingredients that contain natural sunscreen components, because the sun can cause heat damage to your hair. Here are some DIY sprays to protect your hair from the sun

Protective Hairstyles

As previously noted, braid-outs are my default hairstyle on wash day. I usually transform this style into a bun or updo. Besides buns and updos, protective styles such as ponytails, DIY box braids, and twists are a great idea.

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