Heat Damage Recovery: 28-Day Protective Hairstyle Challenge

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I recently did another big chop on my heat damaged hair (this is my fourth chop). While it wasn’t the most drastic cut, it’s noticeably shorter. I snipped off three or so inches of split ends that refused to blend with the rest of my curls. It’s more important to me to have healthy hair over long hair; there’s no point in holding on to damaged ends for the sake of length. So now I have a curly bob, similar to this.

Now that the cut is done, there’s no turning back. I have no choice but to become acclimated to my new hair length. Luckily I still have enough hair to put into a ponytail, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing it “out,” just yet. Since it’s the end of January, I’ve decided to challenge myself by wearing my hair “up” in protective hairstyles for the 28 days of February.

What is a protective hairstyle?

According to Naturally Curly:

When you wear your ends tucked away, your hair is in a protective style. This is important because your ends are the oldest and most fragile part of the strand. 

Protective hairstyle benefits

  • Reduces mechanical damage from combing, styling and daily wear
  • Saves time on daily hairstyling
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Injects a new vibe into your overall look!


My 28-day protective hairstyle challenge

1st Week: Bun (high or low)

summer makeup must haves
My go-to protective hairstyle

2nd Week: Banana clip mohawk

banana clip protective hairstyle
via Mane Objective

3rd Week: Flat twists w/ bun (use extension hair for a fuller bun)

via Cool Calm Curly

4th Week: Cornrows w/ bun (use extension hair for a fuller bun)

cornrow bun protective hairstyle
via Lipstick n’ Curls

It will be great to give myself (and my hair) a break from exposure to the elements and allow it to grow back (mostly) undisturbed. I’ll check back in on this after 28 days. …depending on how my hair looks and feels by then I may or may not go for another month. Could this be 60-day protective style challenge? We’ll soon see…

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