6 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe this Winter

update your wardrobe

When the calendar flips to January each year I can’t help but feel inspired to refresh my style. I’m always nostalgic during the holidays and while scrolling through photos in my phone from the year before I began reflecting on things in my personal style I need to replace, re-purchase and update. I want to adorn myself with things that fit where I am in life now, as opposed to a year or two ago. There are so many mornings when I’m getting dressed and I feel like there’s nothing to wear; simply because I feel like I’m missing things that fit how I feel. There are a few ways to get out of a style rut but isn’t it more fun to update your wardrobe? Keep reading for inspiration.

update your wardrobe

  1. Lauren Ralph Lauren Hooded Rain Anorak • Lauren Ralph Lauren • $255
  2. Ray-Ban Mirrored Round Metal Sunglasses • Ray-Ban • $178
  3. NYDJ Printed Pleat-Back Blouse • NYDJ • $88
  4. Nike Women’s Free Flyknit Lace Up Sneakers • Nike • $120
  5. Hera Products Ionic Hot Brush with LCD Display – Gray • $29.97
  6. Stella McCartney Women’s Square Optical Frame • Stella McCartney • $99.97

6 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe this Winter

1. Eyeglasses

update your wardrobeI’ve been wearing the same frames for 3+ years – time for new eyeglasses!

2. Floral Blouse

update your wardrobeFloral long sleeve tops are perfect for winter and spring.

3. Straightening brush

update your wardrobeTo blow my hair out and pin curl for soft, 1970s curls

4. New sneakers

update your wardrobeCute fitness gear to spur those “new year, new me” fitness goals.

5. Sunglasses

update your wardrobeLooking at life through rose (gold) colored glasses.

6. Hooded Anorak

update your wardrobeIt rained today and I realized I don’t own a lightweight hooded jacket. Yikes!

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