Brown Sugar & Olive Oil DIY Lip Scrub

diy lip scrub

Consisting of just brown sugar and olive oil, this DIY lip scrub is super accessible and easy to make. I plan on whipping up a batch soon because this winter weather is making my lips so chapped. I’m constantly licking my lips and applying lip balm, and I haven’t worn lip color in weeks. I can’t be caught out here with an ashy mouth, what if I’m photographed at a holiday party or something? Here’s a homemade lip scrub recipe for soft, smooth, kissable lips.

Brown Sugar & Olive Oil DIY Lip Scrub:


diy lip scrub


  • ½  tsp Brown Sugar
  • ¼ tsp Olive Oil (any brand will do)
  • A small container for storage (I used an empty contact lens case)


  • Mix 1/2 tsp brown sugar with 1/4 tsp olive oil.
  • Apply brown sugar mixture to lips with fingers and rub onto lips in a circular motion for up to 60 seconds. Your lips may turn red from the stimulation. 
  • Note: please be sure to spot test the scrub before application. If you experience a reaction, rinse thoroughly and discontinue application. 
  • Wipe brown sugar mixture off clean with a warm washcloth or plain water.
  • Pat dry and apply lip balm to seal in moisture.


diy lip scrub

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