Jerk Chicken, Black Rice & Black Beans

black rice

This is a semi-authentic jerk chicken recipe. I say “semi” because I am not Jamaican, but the marinade is authentic. Also, the marinade is store bought. It’s delicious though, and easy to work with. I’m sure once you try making this you’ll forgive me for not giving you instructions for making this from scratch. 

jerk chicken seasoning

I just haven’t had success in making jerk marinade from scratch. I’ve tried it several times, but my marinade doesn’t even come close to that of the experts. So instead of continuously wasting time and money on fresh ingredients to make it myself, I just buy the seasoning. I usually buy Grace’s Jerk Seasoning from the soul food section of my local Ralph’s or order it on Amazon.

Here is my method for making jerk chicken:

  • Buy Grace Jerk Seasoning
  • Coat the meat with it (bone-in chicken is best, although shrimp and steak would be delicious too)
  • Let it marinate for a few hours, maybe overnight
  • Grill or broil

The marinade is so spicy that I don’t need additional seasoning, though you can add things to suit your taste.

I’ve prepared this jerk chicken a few times both grilled and oven-broiled. It tastes good either way; although nothing beats the smoky flavor of the outdoor grill. The last time I made jerk chicken we paired it with black beans and my new favorite, black rice.

black rice

Black rice (also known as forbidden rice) is a common food in Asian countries. Some Americans are freaked out by black rice, but it’s gluten-free, anti-inflammatory and high in fiber. I enjoy comfort food as much as the next person but if said food offers health benefits, that’s even better. I still buy white rice for my pantry, but black rice has replaced brown rice as the “healthy” rice in my pantry.   

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