Clixit Acne Eraser Review

clixit acne eraser

Adult acne is a pain in the ass. At almost 35 years old, my skin care should be focused on anti-aging, instead of fighting pimples like some teenager.

According to the American Association of Dermatology, the hormonal fluctuations women experience makes us more susceptible to adult acne than men. Menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause, and going on/off birth control can cause inflammation and cystic breakouts in the T-zone, chin, and cheek area. This means there’s a chance that we can experience breakouts into our 30s, 40s, even into our 50s. In addition to that, stress and worry create hormones that increase oil production, exacerbating adult acne issues.

clixit acne eraser

While I focus on eating well and staying stress-free, I also need products that promise clear skin. Luckily I received a free sample of Clixit Acne Eraser to help me with my skin woes. 

I had no expectations of the acne eraser, but it really did help the breakouts on my skin go away. I applied it two or three nights in a row as the final step of my night-time skin routine.

clixit acne eraser

After a couple of days, I saw positive results. Once the breakout completely healed, there was barely a scar. The acne eraser’s active ingredient is 10% sulfur, which is super effective at shrinking blemishes fast.

Would I buy this product with my own money? I would probably give myself a budget to test it if I have a sense it could work well for me. At $19.99, I’ve spent more on worse.

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