Sunday Routine: 6 Ways to Prepare for the Upcoming Week

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Happy July 4th weekend, America. This year the Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday, giving some of us a bit of extra time off to relax and enjoy summer. For me, this means a break during the workweek to make oven baked pork ribs for Honey Bear and myself, and sneak in a few catnaps while binge-watching episodes of Glow on Netflix.

I’m writing this post on a Sunday, as I prepare for the holiday workweek. While thinking about what to write about today, I thought it would be cool to share my simple Sunday routine. Activities, like making food and performing beauty routines, help me relax, feel creative and ready to take on the upcoming week. If you’re reading this, I want you to give you this feeling by sharing my personal approach. As the saying goes, “a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

Sunday Routine: 6 Ways to Prepare for the Upcoming Week

sunday routine

Sleep in/catch up on rest

These days, sleeping until 8 am counts as “sleeping in.” On Sundays, I try to take a nap during the day if I can. If not, I go to bed as early as possible.

Wash & style my hair

On Sundays, my apartment becomes a full on beauty salon. This is the day when I do special hair treatments and deep conditioning.

DIY Mani/Pedi

I also give myself manicures and pedicures on Sundays. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll even try a nail art design from of my Pinterest boards.

Cook a meal that will yield leftovers

I try not to overwhelm myself with weekly meal prep, but I like to cook a big meal on Sundays. If I don’t have to cook again until Tuesday, I’m fine with that.

DIY facial mask

I wear makeup every day during the week, and sometimes on weekends. So I make sure to detox my skin weekly with a homemade Aztec clay mask or baking soda facial scrub.

Do something creative

For me, this is blogging, listening to music, writing in my journal, making crafts, or doing some kind of project around the house. Participating in activities you enjoy in your off-time sets you up for a successful week.

Here’s to a new week, and a new month. What’s your Sunday routine?

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