DIY Distressed Denim Cutoff Shorts

DIY Distressed Denim Cutoff Shorts

There is no point in ever buying denim shorts (sorry retailers!) It’s simply pointless; it’s far too easy to DIY distressed denim cutoff shorts using an old pair of jeans, a pair of scissors, and a free weekend afternoon. I made two pairs of cutoffs in summer of 2015 and have practically lived in them ever since. I wear them nearly every day during my off-time, with tanks or oversized plaid shirts.

Diana from One Broad’s Journey created a super simple tutorial on creating a pair of cutoff jean shorts in less than five minutes – I followed a tutorial similar to this one on my first attempt. The only differences are that I used a cheese grater to create distressing on the front and back pockets, and a steak knife instead of a razor to create fraying at the cutoff point. It’s really important to use tweezers at the end to pull out the fabric strings – it adds a more distressed look to the shorts.

How to DIY Distressed Denim Cutoff Shorts:

Have you ever made a pair of denim cutoff shorts? Any plans to do so this summer?

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