What I’m Eating for Clearer Skin

what to eat for clear skin

Either I eat really healthy, or really bad. I know what’s best for me in terms of eating right, but inside, I’m a sugar fiend, and the cookies be callin’ me…

It sucks because when I eat too much milk, cheese, and refined sugar, it interacts with the hormones in my body to cause cystic acne. For years, I didn’t understand why my skin always broke out. Eventually, I suspected I had a food allergy. I started eliminating different foods one by one to isolate the cause. During the experience, I learned what foods triggered breakouts, and what to eat for clear skin. Turns out, the ice cream sandwiches and mini-cheeseburgers I love so much were preventing me from reaching my skin goals.

If I eat that pizza or cupcake, I’ll have to deal with the consequences later. While I am sure to occasionally indulge, I am mindful of the way I eat. It’s worth making the effort to eat lean meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and avoiding dairy, to maintain clear skin and a healthier body.

What to Eat for Clear Skin

The first thing to do for clearer skin is to drink more water. Water naturally detoxes the body. Drink at least half your body weight in water per day, more if you exercise.

A natural source of vitamin C, strawberries are a low calorie, high fiber snack that satisfies a sweet tooth. Especially when dipped in chocolate.

Avocados are high in vitamin E and healthy fats. I use avocados as a replacement for cheese in salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

Leafy Greens
Among the super foods, dark leafy greens are full of skin-brightening vitamins and nutrients.

Green Tea
Full of anti-oxidants, green tea fights free radicals, lightly detoxes the body and soothes inflammation.

Orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit are hydrating fruit containing natural antioxidants, and high in vitamin C.

Oily fish like salmon are high in biotin and omega-3s. I don’t like salmon, so I take a daily women’s multi-vitamin and fish oil supplements.

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