5 Simple, Delicious Mother’s Day Baking Ideas

mothers day baking ideas

Instead of making reservations, or starving during what will most likely be 60-75 minute wait at a restaurant on Mother’s Day, my sister and I usually cook for our Mom and Grandma at home. Cooking for the most important women in our lives is a way to express appreciation; after all, these women literally gave us life.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be served. To be able to relax and enjoy a meal, without the preparation and cleanup. But our Mom and Grandma are both low-key types who prefer home-cooked meals over restaurants. We can go out to eat anytime; and truly, it’s much more personal and delightful when a meal is created with loving hands. Plus we can be leisurely, without feeling the need to rush and vacate our table for the next dining party. 

Since I’m the oldest, I’m putting myself in charge of desserts this year. We haven’t decided yet if we are serving breakfast, brunch or dinner. No matter the scenario, dessert is happening. The familial sweet tooth must be fed! While we finalize our menu, I’m thinking about what I want to make for dessert, that’s also easy to make. Read on for a list of Mother’s Day baking ideas…

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

how to make chocolate covered strawberries

No baking needed, just prepare and refrigerate! via yo-toi.com

      2. French Apple Pie

french apple pie

Apples are best in fall, but French apple pie is year ’round favorite. via yo-toi.com

      3. Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake

mother’s day baking ideas

Two cakes in one – yes, please. via Love, Life & Sugar

      4. Pistachio Cake

mother’s day baking ideas

I can almost taste this pistachio cake through the screen. via Smitten Kitchen

      5. Classic Coffee Cake

mother’s day baking ideas

Can’t go wrong with a classic coffee cake. via The Kitchn

Cheers to the moms in my life and yours…if you’re thinking of baking a sweet treat for a special Mom in your life, try one of these recipes.

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