High Times: Happy 420 Day

420 day

I know you don’t smoke weed. But I’m gonna get you high today…

Do you use cannabis? Come on out of the closet, it’s ok. I remember when people looked down on marijuana smokers. These days, weed is chic. I’m an advocate for marijuana both in the recreational and medicinal sense. I think it’s cool that it’s mainstream now, and that marijuana has become an acceptable alternative to opioids. But there are some people still hate pot. I’ve often found people that judge marijuana smokers to be extreme squares with a preference for unscented vices. Judge not, lest you be judged – these days, everyone needs something to take the edge off.

420 day

I smoke weed, but I’m extra responsible. I work every day, pay taxes, eat clean – I handle my business, so I deserve to get throwed *in my Bun B voice.* 

Happy 420 day if you partake. Click here for a special lady stoner gangster rap playlist to toke to.

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