5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

email marketing mistakes to avoid

Most businesses recognize email marketing as an essential channel for driving sales and repeat business. With each passing year, companies are investing more and more resources into well-designed, sophisticated emails to give their customers the right message at the right time. On the other hand, there are reputable brands out here making rookie level mistakes with email marketing, risking customer relationships in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Today I’m going to share 5 email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2017, to help businesses attract and retain customers.

5 email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2017:


  1. Duplicate emails.

How often have you received back to back emails of the same message from a brand? I’ve seen this in my inbox three times this year, and it’s only January. There’s a strategic way to send customers more than one email if the messages are segmented properly. Otherwise, duplicate emails clog your customers’ inboxes, potentially raising spam and unsubscribe rates.

2. Emails not optimized for mobile.

This morning, I received an email from one of my favorite beauty brands with text so small that I literally couldn’t read it. Considering that 53% of emails are opened and read on mobile devices, any brand not delivering emails designed for mobile is doomed. If customers are unable to decipher and digest the message, how will they buy from you?

3. Not using pre-header text.

The pre-header text is an underutilized, extremely valuable area of email marketing real-estate. The line of text displayed underneath subject lines, the pre-header copy is a vital space for messaging, especially on mobile. Never leave the email pre-header text of your email, when you can use it to get your message across before the email is opened. 

4. Failing to honor opt-out requests.

Email senders should honor all requests to be removed from lists, as soon as possible. It’s the law. Failing to honor opt-out requests will result in spam complaints and eventually ISP blocking. If a subscriber wants to part ways with your emails, remove them ASAP.

5. Not Segmenting

Nostalgia aside, the batch and blast approach is so 90s. In the opening of this article, I mentioned sending customers the right message at the right time – this is where segmentation comes into play. Sending messages to audience groups based on actions, demographics, and preferences are key to getting the most out email marketing. A recent MailChimp study found that segmented email marketing campaigns result in 14.63% higher opens and 94.27% higher clicks than non-segmented campaigns. Simply sending to your whole list without regard to actions, demographics, and preferences is the same as throwing money down the drain. Segment your list to get the best possible ROI from your emails.

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