Avocado Oil Hair Treatment for Curly Hair

avocado oil hair treatment

As a person with naturally curly hair, avocado oil hair treatments are a godsend during the winter. The dry, arid climate I live in makes my hair dry and brittle, becoming further exacerbated by central heat, and knit sweaters and hats rubbing against my hair.

I use this treatment every week before shampooing and conditioning and my curls are noticeably softer and shinier. It’s awesome for infusing moisture into the hair; I use it a few times during the week between washes to nourish my dry scalp and ends.


avocado oil hair treatment

Winter Avocado Oil Hair Treatment



  • Mixing bowl (used specifically for skin/hair care)
  • Funnel (optional, but makes process less messy)
  • Small applicator bottle
  • Pot of boiling hot water


Ingredients (I sort of eyeball it here)

  • Avocado oil: 2 0z
  • Castor oil: 1 oz
  • Shea butter: 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil: 1 oz
  • Jojoba oil: 1 oz
  • Rosemary essential oil: 5 -10 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 5 -10 drops



Add ingredients to a mixing bowl and set aside. Bring a pot of hot water to a boil and remove from heat. Place the mixing bowl inside the pot of hot water. This will melt the shea butter and infuse it into oils. Remove the mixing bowl from hot water and bring it to room temperature. Add rosemary and lavender essential oils. Once cool, transfer oil mixture to applicator bottle. Store at room temperature for up to 12 months.


How to Use

Apply to hair and scalp directly from applicator bottle. Put on a plastic cap and marinate for one hour to overnight. Shampoo, condition, and style as usual. Use oil as needed between washes to nourish dry scalp and split ends.



Avocado oil is available in the baking section at your local grocer, as well as Target, Walmart, and Amazon for about $8 per 16 oz bottle.

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