5 Ideas for Upcycling Vinyl Records

Vinyl is an authentic, quality way to enjoy music. But let’s face it: who has space for hundreds (or even thousands) of 12-inch albums? When you’re trying to live a minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle it becomes more and more difficult to justify owning a vast vinyl record collection, especially if you don’t listen to them very often. Instead of letting your beloved albums collect dust or worse, be thrown out, why not adorn your personal space by upcycling your vinyl into art?

5 ideas for upcycling vinyl records:

1. Frame the records in album frames and hang them on the wall.  The beautiful cover art will make your walls pop. (Source)

upcycling vinyl records

2. Shelve them on a record wall. (Source)

upcycling vinyl records
3. If you can stomach it, paint the records in a cool, unique design and hang them. (Don’t do this with classics, that’s just wrong!). I recommend this option for singles and doubles. (Source)

4. Upcycle into an end table or nightstand. (Source)

upcycling vinyl records
5. Upcycle into a lamp. (Source)

upcycling vinyl records
Obviously, you could be listening to your vinyl records but if you aren’t, upcycling them into art can prevent them from becoming totally obsolete.

What do you do with your old vinyl records, tapes, and CDs?

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2 thoughts on “5 Ideas for Upcycling Vinyl Records

  1. I’ve never seen the lamp idea before. That’s really cool! I wonder how difficult it would be to make that yourself at home? I suppose getting the perfect shape would be the hardest part, but if you don’t mind a slightly misshapen lampshade…

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