3 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

digital marketing consultancy

A few months ago, I posted the following meme to my Instagram account:


digital marketing consultancy
It’s impossible to sell if your customers don’t know you exist.

Since launching my digital marketing consultancy this past summer, I’ve found this statement to be truer than ever. In honor of Small Business Saturday, I’d like to share three of my most successful* digital marketing techniques that can be adapted to any business. 

digital marketing consultancy

3 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses:


  1. Create a website or blog for your business

Investing time and money into creating a website and blog has been integral to marketing my services. As a self-employed digital marketer, a website is a digital business card letting potential clients know that I’m open for business.

      • Get your website up and running fast with WordPress or Squarespace
      • Use your website or blog to discuss/explain your product or service
      • Test viewing your website content on different devices (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet)
2. Use social media

The most successful marketing technique for my business thus far has been social media. Requiring little to no cost, publishing self-created and curated content related to my business niche has given me the opportunity to put myself out there to my personal network.

      • Follow potential customers and other businesses related to your niche
      • Share great content created by others
      • Explore paid social media advertising opportunities
3. Build an email list

Email marketing is the most effective way to nurture relationships with potential customers. Getting into the inbox increases visibility, giving you a permission-based opportunity to connect with customers.

      • Collect email addresses from your site visitors
      • Start with a free to low cost service like MailChimp
      • Ask for email addresses up front on your website
      • Have fun with the email copy to encourage engagement


*I define “successful” is as new and return visitors to my website, and eventually converting a lead into a client. It’s important to define for yourself what “success” is. This metric can differ from for each business. 

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