Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask

aztec indian healing clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a mainstay in my beauty arsenal. Made of 100% natural bentonite clay, this stuff is unmatched in drying up pimples, tightening pores, and removing impurities from the skin. I’ve been using it since February 2015 as a base for homemade facial masks; I even once got so excited about this product that I tried using it as a hair cleanser! DIY bentonite clay shampoo didn’t turn out well for me, but it’s great for my skin.

I apply clay masks a couple times a month, depending on my skin’s needs. I usually find myself making them before and during my menstrual cycle, when my diet and skin start to get wonky.  

How to Use

If I’m being lazy, I’ll just mix the clay with water to form a paste, apply it to my skin, lie down, and let the mask sit for 15 minutes. When I’m targeting breakouts or blackheads, I replace half the water with apple cider vinegar and honey; I’ve also found leftover green tea to be an effective liquid to pair with bentonite clay.

aztec indian healing clay


  • Don’t let the mask sit longer than 15 minutes, bentonite clay pulsates and pulls at the skin.
  • Use plastic bowls and utensils to create the mixture. Metal tools will tarnish and deteriorate.
  • Lie down while wearing the mask to calm and relax the skin  

aztec indian healing clay


Overall, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is effective at toning my skin and reducing breakouts. It’s become a holy grail product for me, lately I’ve been using it every week for homemade facial masks. Despite the plethora of YouTube tutorials touting the greatness of bentonite clay hair cleansing, I won’t be using it for that, as the clay doesn’t rinse well from my hair (and there wasn’t a noticeable difference in my hair after use).

Where to Buy

I bought Aztec Indian Healing Clay on Amazon, it’s also sold at Walgreens, The Vitamin Shoppe and independent health food stores.

Have you ever used Aztec Indian Healing Clay? What did you think? Share in the comments!

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