How I Stay Motivated When I Just Can’t

how to stay motivated

I’m a mindfulness junkie. I meditate, do yoga, and read blogs like Zen Habits and Marc & Angel’s Hack Life. Despite my self-awareness, I sometimes struggle with staying motivated when I’m working toward a goal. I’m currently in a space where it’s difficult for me to see the forest from the trees – I’m working on a bunch of stuff that will yield long term results, but my lizard brain is freaking the fuck out at the uncertainty of the present.  


So how do I deal when I can’t seem to stay motivated?


I do just that – I deal. I acknowledge and embrace my negative feelings, because they are there to protect me.  All emotions, whether positive or negative, deserve acknowledgment and respect. Once those feelings of lack, inadequacy, fear (or whatever) come and go, I feel ready to get back to the grind of working toward my goal. By indulging my feelings of fear, lack, and/or limitation I’m able to spot potential red flags along my path, and I’m able to correct course before the fears become real.

Visit pity city, recalibrate, and move on.


I find solace in letting the weak moments happen, instead of trying to fight them. I can’t force motivation when it’s not there, so I let myself go through the motions until the motivation returns. Thankfully I have amazing people in my life that listen to me bitch and whine, and then tell me to get my shit together, because these ebbs and flows are all a part of the process.


So tell me, how do you deal when your motivation is lacking?

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