8 Ways to Get Ready for Fall

ways to get ready for fall

Leaves have begun turning, NFL football started last Sunday, and it’s been getting dark earlier. Pumpkin spice everything is back on the shelves (fancy a few pumpkin spice Oreo cookies with that pumpkin spice latte?)  I’m savoring the last week of summer, but I’m also preparing to transition into the new season.


8 ways to get ready for fall: 


  1. Switch up my hair routine

    Now that the weather is becoming cooler I want to wear flat ironed hairstyles more often. I also want to install Senegalese twists next month to give my hair a break from constant manipulation and heat styling.    

  2. Transition to cozy colors and textures

    I want to swathe myself in olive, cream, and burgundy tones, and wear more lightweight knits, soft plaids and velvet kimono jackets.

  3. Schedule a massage & facial

    The long, lazy days of summer are over. Fall is usually my busiest time of year so I try to make sure I schedule a spa visit to get relaxed and centered before things get too crazy.

  4. Deep clean apartment

    When the season changes I take one day to dig into those nooks and corners that might get overlooked during my weekly cleanings.

  5. Start incorporating fall produce into meals

    The best thing about fall (besides fashion) is the food! Apple everything, roasted root vegetables, and warm, spicy flavors. Feed. Me. Now…

  6. Get oven fixed

    My oven died this month, an inconvenient fact I discovered a couple weeks ago when attempting to bake Eggo waffles (thanks, Mercury Retrograde). Thankfully my landlord fixed the oven in a timely manner, because I’m ready to start kitchen testing some of the baked recipes saved on my Pinterest.

  7. Restock baking ingredients

    Now that the oven is back in working order, I’m clear to restock my baking pantry with chocolate chips, chopped nuts, pie crusts, and the like without the ingredients spoiling on me.   

  8. Get car serviced

    In addition to the oven breaking down, my car battery also decided to die this month. (fuck, Mercury Retrograde!) Although it was a nuisance, thankfully I got it replaced under warranty. I also need to get an oil change and tire rotation so that my car is in good shape for any potential road trips this fall (Las Vegas again, perhaps…)

Are you ready for fall yet? What do you do to get ready for the season?

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