My Current Walking Workout Routine

walking workout routine

Before committing to a walking workout routine in July, I hadn’t worked out for 10 months. I believe in having a solid fitness routine, but I had simply lost interest in exercise. I’ve had gym memberships and class packages in the past…I even tried Capoeira once to spice things up. For some reason though, I couldn’t stick with any of these things consistently. Shuttling to and from gyms and workout studios, searching for parking, fighting for space to workout, and waiting in line for machines wore me down, putting me in a negative frame of mind before I even broke a sweat.

During my time off from exercise I realized that I had hit a wall because I hate workouts that feel like workouts — and I was avoiding it for that reason. I much prefer being outdoors, feeling fresh air on my skin instead of being a hamster on a wheel. I didn’t need to go to the gym or Zumba to have a solid workout routine. All I needed was a commitment to consistency.


walking workout routine

With that in mind I decided I would start walking, since it’s simple and I could do as soon as I wake up in the morning. Walking doesn’t cost anything and when combined with strength and body weight exercises, it’s quite effective.

So far my at-home walking workout routine is going well; it’s been a month and I’ve already lost 4 lbs, along with following a pescatarian diet. I’m sleeping better, my mood is better and I have more energy throughout the day. I may eventually get bored with the walking workouts, but right now I’m fine with bored because I’ve found consistency and I’m seeing results. If the boredom becomes crippling, I’ll find a new walking or hiking path, or stalk YouTube for cool workout videos.

How’s your workout routine these days? Are you committed, or off the wagon? Share in the comments!

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