Egg White, Lemon Juice & Honey Facial Mask for Acne Scars

homemade facial mask acne scars

I have several go-to DIY acne facial masks in my arsenal, but I don’t use the ones containing egg white and lemon juice very often. In the past, I’ve found the two ingredients to be too runny and messy. I decided to come back around to egg white lemon juice masks while researching homemade solutions for reducing acne scars, and I’m glad I tried it again. I used the mask last Sunday night to treat a few pimples and dark spots from old breakouts and saw a difference overnight, literally.  When I woke up the next morning the breakouts were significantly reduced and my skin was overall brighter and tighter looking.

Homemade facial mask for acne scars:

homemade facial mask acne scars

I’m going to share my less messy way of applying the mask, along with more tips to get the most out of your homemade facial mask experience. Try this weekly for clearing breakouts, tightening up the pores, and reducing scarring for old breakouts.

You Will Need:



Plastic Fork

Plastic Spoon

1 egg white

Juice of ½ lemon

½ teaspoon honey (natural/raw is best)


Crack egg and separate yolk from whites. In a bowl, combine egg white with juice from ½ lemon and ½ tsp honey. Whisk mixture with fork until frothy. Set aside.

Pull your hair back. Wrap a towel around your neck apply mixture to clean face using the back of a plastic spoon, avoiding the eye area. Lie down and let the mask sit for 15 minutes to do its magic. Rinse well, moisturize and enjoy refreshed skin.

homemade facial mask acne scars


  • As lemon juice is acidic, be sure to spot test this mix on the inside of your arm to test for sensitivity. If you experience an adverse reaction, abandon project and do not apply the mask to your face.
  • Do homemade masks on a weekly basis to reap the most benefit. It takes time acne breakouts and scarring to fade and you will begin to notice a difference over time. It’s been helpful for me to schedule reminders in my Google calendar to do facials on Sundays, when I’m getting ready for the week.
Have you ever tried an egg white lemon juice mask? What did you think of it? Share in the comments!

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