I am afraid.

I am afraid

You know what scares me? That in the year of our Lord 2016, black men, women, and children in the United States of America are persecuted and murdered in cold blood, on camera, without their murderers being prosecuted.

We are unprotected.

What’s even more fear-inducing is that no one knows how to stop it.

The thing about fear, though, is that it forces you to take sudden, drastic action one way or another.

In that regard, maybe fear is good. Because at this moment sudden, drastic action is needed.

Fear gets all up in your face like a school bully. It demands that you stand up for yourself, or and get your ass kicked.

Some think that praying, marching, singing, dancing, and demonstrations will warm the empty, soul-less hearts of the executioners.

These are ineffective methods against war.

They do not care. None of these things are saving us. 

At the time of this post (nearly one year to the date of Sandra Bland’s death) 100+ black men have been killed by police officers in 2016.

Realize that war has been waged on us. On our bodies, our psyches, our souls.

We cannot make anyone love or accept us.

Nobody is going to save us.

Nobody is going to lead us.

We need to look out for ourselves in simple, everyday interactions, stand up for each other, or continue to perish.

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