Why Las Vegas is the Best Summer Road Trip

Las Vegas

I feel different every time I return from a Las Vegas trip. Ever since I beat The Simpsons video game back in 1993 inside the arcade at Circus Circus Casino, I’ve learned something new about myself with each visit.

Part of it has to do with simply getting there. If visiting for a business conference I travel by plane; for personal trips, I hit the road with a companion and drive four hours from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The drive is long, but by the time I get to I-15, I find:

Open road + wild desert = perfect backdrop to clear the mind

No matter if I win or lose in gambling, I almost always have an epiphany among the flowing liquor and neon casino lights. During this particular vacation, I was struck by a shop sign outside the CRSVR sneaker boutique inside The Cosmopolitan. Thank the universe, for reminding me to whet my appetite for risk in Sin City.

Las Vegas

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