2015 Wrap Up: Countdown to 2016

los angeles sunset view from my apartment

los angeles sunset view from my apartment

2015 has been one hell of a year. In January, I was fired from my dream job in fashion after the company I worked for was swallowed by its biggest competitor. Before I could collect my first unemployment check, a colleague put me in touch with a contract email marketing gig with another retailer with an office closer to my home. Less than two weeks after hitting rock bottom I ended up earning better pay, with a shorter commute and more autonomy. For a few months, I felt like I had it going on. But by Memorial Day, a nagging feeling of despondency and unfulfillment began to creep up and weigh on my shoulders. I figured it to be a case of the adulthood blues, and that I should hang in there and see if my contract would turn into a full time position.

Alas, in mid-June 2015 my manager decided to hire another person full-time for the position I was working in. She wanted me to stay on board to train the new hire and keep the email marketing program running while he got up to speed. At this point I began seriously exploring other opportunities, because my ego was bruised from my boss hiring another person for what I felt was “my job” behind my back. I became good friends with the “bitch who stole my job” and stayed on contract through October 2015.

Once the contract relationship ended, I decided to focus all of my energy on securing my next dream job and working on my independent creative projects, including this blog. 2015 showed me that my career was in a hot mess phase, and I needed to take the time to figure out why. And the “why” was…I had gotten away from my “why.” I loved the work I was doing, but I hated the places I worked. Which is interesting, because early in my career when I marketed life insurance, I felt the same way. It turns out whether you’re selling life insurance or shoes, if you can’t answer your “why,” you will not be at ease in your career.

I now know how to detach and not to compromise my “why” for more money or a lofty title at a cool startup. I am lucky to have had career experiences in the past that brought me closer to my “why” and I will get there again. Cheers to the future possibilities that lie ahead!

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