Closet Organization Tips

Closet Organization Tips

One of the fun parts of changing seasons is the opportunity to really dress. Obviously, we get dressed every day, but fall and winter weather give us the opportunity to pull out the fun stuff: chunky knits, scarves, and boots! I get more excited than a normal person about cold weather because I live in a mild climate that doesn’t give the opportunity to be truly cozy. I’m aware most people don’t sympathize with Angelenos when it comes to weather but trust me when I say there is such thing as too much sunshine. #drought

Every late October/early November I put my summer-themed clothes and accessories away in a trunk and store them away until Easter. When spring springs, I store the cold weather items and unearth my summer stuff. This forces me to purge my closet every 6 months and omit things I’m no longer in love with. Furthermore, rotating my closet twice a year helps to keep my wardrobe seasonal so that I’m wearing prints, materials, and textures for the appropriate time of year.

Closet Organization Tips

  1. PURGE! Pull everything out – clothing, shoes, and accessories from spring/summer plus last winter’s storage items.
  2. EMBRACE the chaos. You created a huge mess when you unearthed your closet and storage. But don’t stress the mess.
  3. ASSESS the current state of your wardrobe. Now that everything is out on the proverbial table, decide what no longer fits you and your lifestyle.
  4. BE RUTHLESS in your editing. You’ve heard the mantra “if you haven’t worn it in more than one year, let it go.”
  5. DECIDE what to donate, sell, keep. As you edit, distribute items into three piles based on what will be donated, resold, or stored away until next season.
  6. GAUGE your attachment to items in the “keep” pile. If you don’t feel a warm and fuzzy after holding something for a few seconds, toss it into the donate pile. If you can’t let go of attachment to something despite not having worn it for 12+ months, put it in storage and make a decision during your next closet edit.
  7. Have FUN! Editing your closet is a chore but it doesn’t have to suck. Put on Spotify, a movie, or catch up on your Netflix queue while you streamline your closet.
  8. TREAT YO’ SELF. After all that work, you deserve a reward! Take photos of your resell items and post them on eBay, Poshmark, or LetGo. Don’t you love the idea of earning some cash? Your earnings can be used to repopulate your wardrobe.

Rotating your wardrobe seasonally gives you more closet space and allows you to whittle your wardrobe down to its bare bones. Nobody *really* has time to clean out their closet, but it’s worth taking the time to do it, even if it will become messy again in a month. You can reorganize it again in the spring 🙂



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