Welcome, November.

Welcome November

Welcome November

And just like that, it’s November. If you haven’t felt the holiday creep yet, get ready because it’s officially game on.

Do you have any new month rituals? Within the first few days of each month, I like to do a personal life refresh – simple things like deep cleaning my apartment, restocking my fridge with quality food, and writing short-term, monthly goals.

Once I’m done I like to light a brand new scented candle and enjoy a glass of wine while giving quiet thanks to the creator for shelter, food, clothing, and hot water.

Even if my space becomes a mess by the 10th and I’m back to ordering takeout multiple nights per week, at least I initiated the month with clear intentions.  And according to Chopra, intention is the starting point of every dream.

Cheers to the blank slate that a new month provides.



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