Greek Yogurt, Honey & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

DIY: Greek Yogurt, Honey & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Before washing my hair last Sunday, I treated myself to a greek yogurt, honey & coconut oil hair mask. Greek yogurt is a wonder ingredient for the hair – chock full of protein and lactic acid, it adds strength, shine, and moisture to strands. Honey is a natural humectant and coconut oil penetrates hair cuticles to […]

DIY Facial Scrub Baking Soda & Coconut Oil

DIY Facial Scrub: Baking Soda & Coconut Oil

Is it a scrub? Or mask? Maybe a natural teeth whitener. Perhaps, it’s all of the above. I have several DIY concoctions involving baking soda in my arsenal, but this one is the most versatile. In addition to exfoliating and moisturizing the skin, a simple paste of baking soda and melted coconut oil not only extracts […]

when to not diy

When to DIY vs. When to Not DIY

When to DIY, and when to not DIY. That’s the question. I love the idea of making things from scratch. But there are times when it’s simply impractical to do the DIY beauty thing. I have an ever-growing Pinterest board of DIY beauty ideas that I’ve barely scratched the surface on. Between work, family, and […]